Coming Soon: Grow with the Pros

I am thrilled to be able to unveil the plans for a new series coming to the Perennial Nerd site very shortly.

The series aims to give a spotlight to amazing growers and gardens across the UK. It will include fantastic tips and advice from the experienced growers to help those growing vegetables, fruit and herbs at home, or on an allotment.

Each article will focus on a garden and its growers. This will include kitchen gardens, walled gardens, market gardens and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms from across the UK.

Abbey Home Farm, Cirencester

I aim to showcase these great gardens and farms and tell their story in terms of history, infrastructure and how they grow vegetables year-round. And I want to give a spotlight to those experienced and knowledgeable growers who work tirelessly to produce a bounty of produce for people to enjoy at home.

For the home gardener there will be discussions of each growers’ favourite crop , tips for how to succeed with more challenging crops, and lot of great advice to help you get better harvests from your plots – no matter what the size.

The growers will discuss methods for when it comes to sowing and growing a variety of crops and unveil what they think more people should grow, together with words of wisdom for how to succeed with it.

Oxton Organics, Fladbury

There is a wealth of gardens and growers across the country that can undoubtedly offer huge experience to help people at home. Whether those new to growing vegetables, or a more experienced hand, I am confident there will be something for everyone to learn from or be inspired by.

I am very excited about writing this series and certainly know I will learn a lot from speaking to the growers. The first article in the series should be published over the next few days and I have got a great selection of growers lined up for the future.




2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Grow with the Pros

  1. Great news, I’ll be looking forward to the tips given I have just heard I am getting my first allotment and its a full plot… so it’s going to take a bit of filling.


    1. Welcome to the world of being an allotmenteer !! Sounds great to get a plot, it is a big job. I took on a full plot and managed to grow on around 60% of it in the first year.


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