Enjoyable January Gardening Jobs

The first month of the year can be difficult for gardeners. It is likely to be cold, wet and maybe even snowy, but there are some very productive and enjoyable tasks that can sit atop your list of gardening jobs for January. I will be doing many of these tasks over the next few weeks and recommend other gardeners to do the same, if they … Continue reading Enjoyable January Gardening Jobs

Allotment Year in pics

It’s been quite a year for a first foray into being allotmenteers. But it’s been a fantastic experience and one that’s been full of challenges, rewards and fun. I plan to write a longer blog post about the 12 months, covering all the successes and failures, very shortly. But I thought I’d start with a quick photo journey of the year, from the weedy field … Continue reading Allotment Year in pics

Walled Garden Diaries: A Glorious Glut 

The garden was on fine form in August, despite fluctuating weather, as we continued to pick veg like crazy and reconvened the ongoing weed battle. There has been the usual gluts, namely the cucumbers and courgettes. A few packs of seed have been so prolific and the pickings are always massively popular with visitors. There are always the ever-popular crops of beetroot and beans, though … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: A Glorious Glut 

Walled Garden Diaries: Preparation & Propagation

In the first of a new series of blog posts I intend to produce, I take a look back at what was a busy March in the Walled Garden. It is something I am passionate about and I want to give people a bit of an insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes to operate such a productive garden throughout the season. It should be noted … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: Preparation & Propagation