Companion Planting for Fruit & Vegetables

Would you like healthy and strong plants? Crops that aren’t destroyed by pests? And a bountiful harvest of produce?

If your answer is yes to any of these (and who wouldn’t want all three) then maybe it is time to consider taking a close look at companion planting.

Anyone growing vegetables at home, or on an allotment, can take advantage of it.

Beetroot is a beneficial companion for plants in the cabbage family

Companion planting is an organic and proven method of helping to repel pests, grow healthy plants, and improve the flavour and yield of fruit and vegetable crops.

I have written two in-depth articles on Vegetable Companion Planting for that I am confident can help educate and inspire both new and experienced growers to try using the concept.

The first covers the basics of companion planting and explains what exactly it is, the numerous beneficial effects it has, and how you can start to use it in your vegetable patch.

Read my guide to Vegetable Companion Planting.

The follow-up article goes a bit more in-depth. It outlines 10 of the best companion planting combinations for the vegetable garden. It includes successful combinations for the likes of tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, and many more.

And it also covers some combinations to avoid – as there are certain crops that will not do well planted next to each other.

Read part 2 of my guide to Vegetable Companion Planting.

The smell from alliums like leeks can repel many pests

Do you have any other companion planting combinations that work on your plot?

And if you are new to companion planting, I hope the articles tempt you to try this organic, natural, and successful tactic on your allotment, or at home. You will not regret it.

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