Garden Writing Service Launches

For a new year I am introducing a new services section of Perennial Nerd, where I offer writing services to the horticulture and gardening sector. It is a new venture which combines my main skill-sets, and essentially my two careers, into one package.

To quickly surmise, I passed my National Council for the Training of Journalists professional qualification in Newspaper Journalism back in 2007. I went on to work for a news agency, was an Assistant Editor covering global security news online and in print, before going freelance and operating as an online journalist and copywriter.

Then in 2014 I went and qualified as a Gardener, completing a Level 3 qualification, and since have predominantly worked for the National Trust. I continued to write freelance while re-training and during my time as a Gardener.

Through setting up this blog I found a way to combine both my interests and have really enjoyed writing about my exploits at work, visiting gardens and, more recently, adventures down on the allotment. I do strive to improve and put more regular content on the blog over the coming months.

On a sidenote, if there is any particular type of content you would like to see more of on Perennial Nerd, then please get in touch. Want to see more ‘How-To’s’ or specific growing guides? Is there a preference for allotment updates or work updates? Do I need to write up more visits to other gardens? I’m just throwing things out there, I do actively welcome feedback and suggestions and throw open the floor to your suggestions.

To get back on track, I do feel I can offer a unique perspective as both a qualified journalist and gardener. This is undoubtedly a strength I can bring to ensure I can produce passionate, informative and accurate articles.

My horticultural background, and my day-to-day experience as a Gardener, means I can bring hands-on experience to articles and guides. While my journalistic background means I am used to writing a wide range of content, conducting research and interviews, and hitting deadlines.

Taking the above into consideration, that is why I have decided to offer Horticultural Copywriting Services to businesses within the gardening sector. I have put together a ‘Services’ page on the blog where I go into more detail about what I can offer the horticulture industry.

I plan to start spreading the word about my new venture, which I will do alongside my job at Hanbury, through social media.

All the best for 2021 everyone.

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