Walled Garden Diaries: A Confusing April

April was a tricky month for gardeners and growers across the country, the days were dry and there was lots of sunshine. But nights were cold and there was a risk of frost. So long hours of sunshine, one of the driest April’s on record, and low minimum temperatures and frosts – it makes planning very difficult indeed. Gardeners will definitely have been worrying about … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: A Confusing April

Walled Garden Diaries: Getting Ready for the Season

It has been a relatively slow start to the year for the walled garden, hence why there was no update for February and I decided the include two months for the price of one in this post. The planning for the year ahead was completed in January and, bar keeping on top of weeds, it wasn’t until March that the sowing for the garden really … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: Getting Ready for the Season

Gardening Ups ā€˜nā€™ Downs of 2020

Looking back at some of my horticultural goings-on during a tumultuous last 12 months. We can all agree that 2020 was a messed-up year. It is an inescapable fact and one that makes trying to write a review without it getting all melancholy all the more challenging. Horticulture was hit like every industry, however gardening as a past-time seemed to flourish as more people went … Continue reading Gardening Ups ā€˜nā€™ Downs of 2020

Garden Writing Service Launches

For a new year I am introducing a new services section of Perennial Nerd, where I offer writing services to the horticulture and gardening sector. It is a new venture which combines my main skill-sets, and essentially my two careers, into one package. To quickly surmise, I passed my National Council for the Training of Journalists professional qualification in Newspaper Journalism back in 2007. I … Continue reading Garden Writing Service Launches

Six on Saturday – June 8

I have enjoyed a productive week of visiting some really varied and impressive gardens, mostly during a trip up to Northumberland. After seeing some impressive sights I thought it represented a perfect chance for me to do one of my, admittedly now only semi-regular, Six on Saturday posts. I have included one from my walled garden at work, as well as two pics for one … Continue reading Six on Saturday – June 8