Six on Saturday – March 17

This Six on Saturday post is all about blooms and more precisely those plants in my small courtyard garden that are currently taking the spotlight with their colourful splendour.

Predominantly to date those pictures on these posts I have taken from around my house have covered my growing of edibles. Those showcased of flowers have tended to come from my place of work, garden visits, or shows I attended.

I am trying to grow more flowers this year, hence lots of seedlings of sweet peas and dahlias clogging up windowsills, however in recent years it has predominantly been my partner Bertie (also a gardener) who has kept us stocked in ornamental plants, while I focused on veg. And I am very grateful for that as there have been some fantastic specimens picked up for budget prices to date.

So for this Six on Saturday post I wanted to showcase a handful of the plants that we have around our small garden, and the odd house plant, that are starting to bloom and grab the attention.

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – March 17

  1. I was about to ask for plant names, but then my cursor hovered over one of the photos & presto! Should’ve known you were too clever not to include the names. You have some fantastic stuff growing in what you term a little garden. You & Bertie obviously know how to use your space. Love them all, but the narcissus & erica especially. And the prunus. Virburnum’s pretty stunning, too. Hell, they’re all great. You impress every week.


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