Please check out my About page to discover all about me and my horticultural career to date, and my development into the Perennial Nerd.

It has been an idea of mine to start a blog for many years now, but after lots of procrastination I finally decided to give it a go. My vision is for the blog to showcase plants and gardens I love, my successes (and inevitable) failures as a gardener, and places I visit. It also gives me scope to talk about and discuss horticultural projects I have worked on to date – both large and small – and those I embark on as the blog develops.

I am definitely a developing gardener and continue to learn daily. I have been very privileged so far in my short professional career to work at some fantastic gardens, and I look forward to more horticultural adventures to come, which I can share on here. I am a nerd, and I love plants and gardening – hence a Perennial Nerd. But I am also a geek when it comes to many other things, namely music, video games and home brewing.


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