Importance of a Seed Sowing Plan

Sowing seeds and growing your own vegetables is one of the most satisfying things you can do.  A sowing plan will help organise your propagation and ensure seeds are sown at the right time, plants are strong and healthy, and you’re not having to bin straggly plants or lose out on harvests. It often pays to be patient and not rush. You will see all … Continue reading Importance of a Seed Sowing Plan

Enjoyable January Gardening Jobs

The first month of the year can be difficult for gardeners. It is likely to be cold, wet and maybe even snowy, but there are some very productive and enjoyable tasks that can sit atop your list of gardening jobs for January. I will be doing many of these tasks over the next few weeks and recommend other gardeners to do the same, if they … Continue reading Enjoyable January Gardening Jobs

Garden Writing Service Launches

For a new year I am introducing a new services section of Perennial Nerd, where I offer writing services to the horticulture and gardening sector. It is a new venture which combines my main skill-sets, and essentially my two careers, into one package. To quickly surmise, I passed my National Council for the Training of Journalists professional qualification in Newspaper Journalism back in 2007. I … Continue reading Garden Writing Service Launches

Allotment Year in pics

It’s been quite a year for a first foray into being allotmenteers. But it’s been a fantastic experience and one that’s been full of challenges, rewards and fun. I plan to write a longer blog post about the 12 months, covering all the successes and failures, very shortly. But I thought I’d start with a quick photo journey of the year, from the weedy field … Continue reading Allotment Year in pics

My No-Dig Allotment Adventure

It’s an exciting time as we have now got an allotment and so starts the newest growing project.  Now I admit its been lucky. You hear of long, long waiting lists for allotments, and I was on a waiting list myself. However, upon moving to a new area we chanced our arm and enquired, and lo-and-behold they had vacancies.  So we now have Plot 1, … Continue reading My No-Dig Allotment Adventure

Walled Garden Diaries: Weed, Plant, Water, Repeat

Looking back May felt a scorching month, in terms of both weather and pressure, as it was definitely a period when there was so much to do in the garden.  Plants needed to go in the ground, beds had to be prepared, watering was a necessity, while weeds were seemingly growing before your eyes.  The above was, of course, relevant to all our ornamental gardens … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: Weed, Plant, Water, Repeat

Walled Garden Diaries: A Transitional Time

April was a month where the Walled Garden really started developing, with lots of vegetables going into the ground while we continued to grow and nurture hundreds of other plants ready to follow them into the beds, but only once the risk of cold and frost has passed.   This is the second in my monthly recaps of what goes on in the Walled Garden. The … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: A Transitional Time

Walled Garden Diaries: Preparation & Propagation

In the first of a new series of blog posts I intend to produce, I take a look back at what was a busy March in the Walled Garden. It is something I am passionate about and I want to give people a bit of an insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes to operate such a productive garden throughout the season. It should be noted … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: Preparation & Propagation