Grow with the Pros: Chatsworth

Chatsworth House in Derbyshire has an illustrious heritage when it comes to growing, with food being grown on the 105-acre estate for centuries. The Cavendish family moved to Chatsworth in the 1540s and there has been a kitchen garden on the estate ever since. It’s exact location on the estate has changed over the years, but today a kitchen garden and cutting garden sit side-by-side … Continue reading Grow with the Pros: Chatsworth

Grow with the Pros: Chiswick House Kitchen Garden

Chiswick House Kitchen Garden operates on no-dig principles and I hear from James Aufenast about this approach, growing a wide range of vegetables, and his advice for potatoes, carrots, quinoa and garlic.   The walled kitchen garden at Chiswick House is 1.2 acres and forms part of the larger 65-acre estate owned by Chiswick House & Gardens Trust in West London.   The kitchen garden boasts a rich history, having been founded as a … Continue reading Grow with the Pros: Chiswick House Kitchen Garden

Allotment Year in pics

It’s been quite a year for a first foray into being allotmenteers. But it’s been a fantastic experience and one that’s been full of challenges, rewards and fun. I plan to write a longer blog post about the 12 months, covering all the successes and failures, very shortly. But I thought I’d start with a quick photo journey of the year, from the weedy field … Continue reading Allotment Year in pics