Walled Garden Diaries – September Update 

The last of the updates from the Walled Garden was back in early Summer and, at that point, I don’t think I was prepared then for the heatwave that was about to hit the country. To be truthful, up in north Cumbria we got off lightly compared to other areas of England and Wales, but it was still a challenge, and coping with temperatures of … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries – September Update 

Walled Garden Diaries: Shape of Things to Come

The walled garden has really taken shape, with the attention on getting beds prepped and seeds sown ready for the 2022 season. The key job undertaken has been to prepare the beds in the walled garden for the coming season. It has been a long time coming and one that has really refreshed the garden as a whole, if I do say so myself. There … Continue reading Walled Garden Diaries: Shape of Things to Come

New Guest Writer Slot

I am delighted to unveil a new agreement with fruitnveggie.com. I will be featuring as a gardening ‘expert’, writing vegetable growing guides to help inspire people to grow their own food. Fruitnveggie.com is a blog all about fruit and vegetables that strives to provide educational and informative content to readers. The website has been running for almost 10 years and is full of inspirational food … Continue reading New Guest Writer Slot

Grow with the Pros: Chatsworth

Chatsworth House in Derbyshire has an illustrious heritage when it comes to growing, with food being grown on the 105-acre estate for centuries. The Cavendish family moved to Chatsworth in the 1540s and there has been a kitchen garden on the estate ever since. It’s exact location on the estate has changed over the years, but today a kitchen garden and cutting garden sit side-by-side … Continue reading Grow with the Pros: Chatsworth

Grow with the Pros: Chiswick House Kitchen Garden

Chiswick House Kitchen Garden operates on no-dig principles and I hear from James Aufenast about this approach, growing a wide range of vegetables, and his advice for potatoes, carrots, quinoa and garlic.   The walled kitchen garden at Chiswick House is 1.2 acres and forms part of the larger 65-acre estate owned by Chiswick House & Gardens Trust in West London.   The kitchen garden boasts a rich history, having been founded as a … Continue reading Grow with the Pros: Chiswick House Kitchen Garden

Allotment Year in pics

It’s been quite a year for a first foray into being allotmenteers. But it’s been a fantastic experience and one that’s been full of challenges, rewards and fun. I plan to write a longer blog post about the 12 months, covering all the successes and failures, very shortly. But I thought I’d start with a quick photo journey of the year, from the weedy field … Continue reading Allotment Year in pics